Who we are

Adviso is a consultancy firm with a difference. We work with top specialists in behavior and culture change to help you make your change programs successful.

The change then becomes permanent. In business, it is no longer a case of “doing more with less” or of “always doing better.” You have to learn how to do things “differently.”

This is how we can help you. Our mission is to support you in adopting modern, appropriate principles.

We commit to your projects with a genuine desire to shake things up. We believe that change comes from within and we use all our experience, creativity and energy to help your staff become actors in the change process.


How we operate


Adviso is a network made up of a uniquely diverse collection of skills and profiles: consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, communicators and sociologists. Why operate as a network? Because this is the model that enables teams to be created that are genuinely customized, nimble and best meet clients’ needs. Since each consultant is him/herself an entrepreneur, this guarantees that the team is more committed, has a strong sense of initiative, and is proactive and dynamic.

We have two main performance indicators for our activities: our clients’ loyalty and the quality of our consultants. In effect, we think that our clients’ satisfaction is more important than the volume or growth of our activities.

Our services

  • Transformation management

  • Change management
  • Managerial innovation

  • Culture change

  • Training

  • Events and seminars


Our clients describe the “Adviso spirit” as

  • Sincere commitment to their individual and collective success
  • Great ability to listen and to analyze challenges
  • Involvement in the project with clients, and the ability to drive change
  • Ability to become involved in international projects
  • Courage to be honest and think outside the box
  • Ability to develop long-term trust
  • Generosity in how the service is provided – we do not calculate our commitment

The team

We can call upon the help of some 50 specialists, who are all entrepreneurs: experts in behavior and culture change, project managers, trainers, coaches, communicators, sociologists and cybersecurity experts. Every member of the network is fully involved in its projects and is a responsible member of the said network. We value each member’s seniority, diverse profile, wealth of expertise and individual values. Our team is drawn from the major international consultancies and company top-management, and has rich, varied experience to draw on.

For each project, we mobilize the most suitable team – this is the strength of our international network. Teamwork is facilitated via collaborative tools, especially the AdvisoConnect platform, which supplies all the tools and methods and facilitates document-sharing in a secure environment.


Fabien Vial is the founder of Adviso. After over 15 years as a consultant in strategy and change at EY and CapGemini, Fabien decided to create a firm based on innovative organizational and managerial principles that offers the best of both worlds: advice from major firms as well as independent advice to help you succeed in your transition to advanced managerial models.

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