Cybersecurity Demands Culture Change!

You can transform your company’s security culture. Find out how.

Almost 80% of attacks are due to staff members’ actions; therefore, action must be taken to ensure that every staff member appreciates security issues. Although this is well-known, it is rare to find security managers prepared to invest in raising levels of awareness and training to meet current challenges. Heads of security often lack two key factors required for success:

  • A solid business case, enabling them to make a convincing argument – with the support of KPIs – that a security education program will contribute effectively to reducing a company’s risks; and that this takes time and requires a constant, high degree of resources; and

  • Above all, the skills, which, let’s admit it, are rarely all available within security teams: specialists in communication, human resources, behavior change and psychology.

This is precisely what we contribute. Adviso is a specialist in behavioral cybersecurity. Our job is to support you in all the steps of drawing up and implementing the program you operate to educate your staff in cybersecurity.

To do so, we create the initiative in collaboration with your team. Our end goal is also to train your staff and give them the independence to lead this very special system for supporting behavior change. This holds true even if we work from outside the company – if you outsource to us, for example, all the awareness work.

As your partner in change, Adviso will help you turn your collaborators into a first line of defense, the “human firewall” of your organization. Together, we will create a positive security culture in which employees are empowered and managers are the advocates and sponsors to make security decisions and provide a safe working environment embedded within the operating fabric of your business.

Technical solutions alone will not yield the full spectrum of their promised benefits until all information system users upgrade their inner security behavior “program”. Information security programs must integrate all technical, organizational and human dimensions into their design to be effective. Communication, training, mobilization and leadership – to mention a few – are key aspects of any successful execution.


How we can help you

Adviso works for companies of all sizes using customized approaches appropriate to the context and challenges. We offer four levels of involvement, set out as follows:

Diagnosis of your cybersecurity education system

Planning your cybersecurity education program

Co-creation of your cybersecurity education initiatives

Outsourcing of your awareness functionality


Flash diagnosis of your awareness process. This enables you to have an external view of your entire awareness-raising system and the ways to improve it so as to boost its impact. The deliverables also provide you with a solid argument on which to build your business case for presentation to your governance bodies.


Supporting the design or redesign of your cybersecurity education program. This program is risk-oriented and created in close collaboration with you over a realistic time period (usually, two to three years). The drafting period of the program varies depending on the company’s initial level of cybersecurity competence and the complexity of the situation.


Program implementation Our clients mainly use our services for this type of work, because they do not have all the required skills – e.g. cultural change, communication – available in-house. Our role also involves ensuring that the teams’ skills improve; we do so by accompanying the teams each day through action learning.


We take over all cybersecurity education work and performance of all associated initiatives across the board. We then create a team based at your premises. This team carries out all services, from designing the plan to implementing it. Your own teams’ skill levels can be gradually improved.



Adviso is a member of Clusif, the French information security club.