Culture change

The human factor plays a crucial role in a company’s success: the level of commitment of its staff, their beliefs and behavior have a direct influence on the company’s performance and development.

This behavior is dictated by the company’s culture, which determines “how things are done here” within a unique human collective organization guided by often informal rules.

This culture is a living thing. It is the management’s responsibility to develop it. This is a long, sensitive and complex process. We can help you with it.

We have worked on many company culture change projects.

We have in-depth experience of culture change in the following areas:


What you can expect of us

  • We analyze your company culture
  • We draft a culture change plan

  • We design and implement actions on the ground: training courses, seminars, managerial involvement, communication, etc.

  • We follow up and lead the initiative

Why choose Adviso

  • The wide range of profile that Adviso offers enables us to assemble all the skills required to lead this type of initiative.
  • We have experience in this approach and in some areas we have turnkey tools.

Client case study

Making A Culture Shift More Tangible

  • Context: An organization with a culture too focused on power, competitiveness and perfectionism was willing to encourage a shift in culture toward more collaborative attitudes, more constructive conflict-solving, more creative thinking and greater encouragement of employees to take on challenging tasks.
  • Approach: We co-developed a set of practical guidelines for employees to embrace opportunities, practice new attitudes and experience the benefits of a fresh mindset.
  • Customer benefit: These guidelines were initially rolled out at board level with the support of a coach. These rules were cascaded down to the organization, as planned, but also – and unexpectedly – up to the group’s executive management.