Change management

We support your change projects from designing the plan to implementing its steps by applying a unique system that monitors concrete indicators. We also help you to create a solid change network.


What you can expect of us:

  • We design the architecture of the change and your project’s change plan
  • We create and install a network of change agents inside your organization
  • We create and roll out change activities using various change tools (communication, training, mobilization and coaching)

Why choose Adviso for this type of project?

  • We have a large amount of experience of this kind of approach acquired through complex, sensitive and international projects
  • We use solid, tried-and-tested methods

Client case study

  • Context: A Fortune 500 company selected us at tender rather than the major traditional consultancies because of the quality of our team and the solidity of our approach.
  • Approach: We designed their change support plan for the creation of a new department made up of over 400 people situated throughout the globe, including over 100 new recruits needing to be integrated, plus innovative line management within the company.
  • Client benefit: We worked with the client’s teams to co-create a 2-year concrete, operational plan.